How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

So you're engaged!  Wedding planning is one of the happiest and most enjoyable times in your life.  

It can also be incredibly stressful. 

One of the first steps in planning your dream wedding, is figuring out which type of location fits your vision for the big day. One of the biggest complaints we've heard from brides over the years is they felt like they missed out on the photographs they wanted from their big day because their venue wasn't everything they envisioned.


Here are some things to ask yourself before booking your venue to ensure your photographs are everything you are looking for.  

What kinds of photos do I find most beautiful?

Are you drawn to outdoor, natural light photographs?  Or do old, antique buildings with shadows and depth get your attention?  Are you drawn to lush fields of wildflowers?  Are old staircases and mirrors more your jam?  When you find photographs you love, pay attention to where the photographs took place. It will help you decide on where to say I do. 

What time of year do I want to get married? 

Do you dream of twinkling lights illuminating your aisle?  You might want a December wedding. Or maybe having the autumn colors peaking through the leaves is more your style?  Think about October or November.  Do you want a lot of daylight to take photos in?  Summer is right up your alley.  Figure out what season the photos you love most happened in, and you'll be happier with the venue you choose. 

Where will the bulk of my photos take place? 

One of the most heartbreaking thing as a photographer is when a bride sends me their Pinterest inspiration page, and all of the photos she loves are outdoors in greenery.  And her wedding is indoors with no green space to be found. 

Or she wants photos of sunlight streaming through the windows as she gets ready. But her hotel room doesn't face the sun in the morning. Talk through the potential locations your photographs can take place when you meet with your venue.